Becca (the_beccaroo) wrote,

leaaaaavin on a jet planeeeeeee

sooooooo, guess who's getting on a plane tomorrow to go to england?

that's right, this girl!

so hopefully i don't perish on the journey and hopefully i don't forget anything key to my survival and/or happiness.

also, just a note, unless you have an iphone, texting is NOT gonna work because hey-o, verizon hates england. and don't worry about texting me if you DO have an iphone, it's all set so that it won't cost me anything/hardly anything, so feel free on that front. but i'll still have internet and stuff while i'm at school/in the dorms, but i don't know how reliable it'll be.

so feel free to drop me an email if you want to keep more seriously in contact or make sure you have a direct line to me, because that's gonna be the most reliable thing (@, or even an address if you want a postcard while i'm abroad :D comments will be screened, so no worries on that front.

uhhhhhhhhhh yeah that's about it.

so hopefully this trip will contain me seeing kim, and hopefully me meeting rai and basically me hanging out and meeting cool people. hopefully they won't suck. (the cool people, not rai and kim. i KNOW they're not gonna suck.)

peace out, bean sprouts.
Tags: england is lovely and wet, kim makes my life worth living, rai is the jam on my toast, trips and leeeeavin' on a jet plane
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