a momentary spark

i want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees

b e c c a, twenty-one.
grew up in new york, school in mass. aries. snarky. occasionally clever. frustrating. cheesy. crazy liberal. bright eyed. honest. feminist. open minded. literary. enthusiastic. innovative bordering on avant garde. sneaky. clumsy. motherly.

l o v e s dragons, baking, owls, general gaiety, bromances, tom hardy, indian food, stripes, podfic, spn, merlin, hawaii five-0, folklore, dan feuerriegel, sherlock, castle, atwt, sga, doctor who, libraries, white collar, jon stewart, psych, inception, matt bomer, legend of korra, spartacus & writing.

hi there, i like new friends. i bet i'll like you :D

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